Capture the Crown

Capture the Crown 

The Gargoyle Queen: Book 1

by Jennifer Estep


Capture the Crown is the first book of The Gargoyle Queen series by the talented Jennifer Estep. Having previously read the author’s The Crown of the Shards series, which precedes events in this book, I already knew the world and some of the characters. While that was an added bonus for me, it is not necessary to enjoy this story, as it revolves around a smaller character who is now grown. All pertinent events from the past are skillfully summed up for the reader.

Gemma Ripley is the crown princess of Andvari, but she is haunted by the slaughter she witnessed as a child, one she feels she could have stopped if she’d only been brave enough to cry out instead of being held frozen by fear. Her magic is strong but unpredictable, and she fears it, too. She hides behind a facade of a pampered princess and sneaks off under the guise of a spy for her country, but nothing she does can erase the hidden scars from her past. Worse yet, traces of her mother’s time magic force her to relive snippets of the past. Her scars are ripped open, the wounds made fresh again and again.

Gemma wrestles with her pain and fear and magic alone, while seeking redemption for her past sins – the deaths she feels she could have prevented. When she saves the life of her mortal enemy, she has no idea it will bind their lives in a dangerous quest for the truth.

I enjoyed the book so much I purchased the audiobook the day the book debuted, and finished listening to it the same day. Narrated by the talented Lauren Fortgang, I enjoyed it immensely. I recommend either version of the book. 

I also suggest checking out her Crown of Shards series:


Visit the author’s website and follow her on Twitter.

Capture the Crown design credit, title page, and chapter opener art: Angela Boutin.

Advance Reading Copy provided by Harper Voyager via Netgalley at my request.

I also purchased the audiobook version for my collection via Audible.

Audiobook narrated by Lauren Fortgang.

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