Under the name Nacie Lauren: 
“Dance with the Rain” to Worlds of Wonder eZine, April 2003


Under the name Jennifer Michaels: 
“The Bargain” to EOTU Magazine, April 2003
“Ruining Lunchtime” winner of Writers’ Ezine April 2003 contest for a 300 word flash story
“Vanity” (co-authored with Cal Bates) to the “Dead in Th13rteen Flashes” anthology
“The Scout” to Flashshot, March 2004
“Deadly Kisses” to Flashshot, October 2005
“The Scout” in Flashshot: Year Two anthology

Under the name Jennifer Dawson: 
“New Philadelphia” to Flashshot, January 2008
“Not Quite As It Seems” to Beyond Centauri, July 2008
“Ruining Lunchtime” to Spaceports & Spidersilk, June 2011

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