At the moment, Jennifer is working on several fantasy novels set in two separate worlds drafted during National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) over the last four years. Both involve an alternate Earth, which causes all sorts of lovely mayhem.

One series features alien shapeshifters hiding on our planet to escape genocide. The first chapter of Cat-a-strophic was workshopped via the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (also known as OWW) and was nominated as the Editor’s Choice. Three books are plotted.

The other features half-human, half-fae girl whose parents disappear after a routine trip to the human world. Her search to determine what’s become of her parents begins with Death and leads her through purgatory to heaven and straight into the pits of hell. Forged by Death deals with identity, death, sexual orientation, religion, dealing with loss, and love. The first chapter was workshopped via OWW and was also nominated as the Editor’s Choice. Three books are plotted.

She also has a new steampunk f/f romance novel in the works, featuring a disgraced handicapped royal, magic, and murder.

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