About the Author

Jennifer is the author of several published works under different pen names. While her publications are all of the shorter variety, she spends most of her writing time on longer works of fiction. Concentrating mostly on fantasy with a touch of science fiction, she occasionally dabbles in poetry.

She has participated in the National Novel Writing Month (also known as NaNoWriMo) the last three years, though, giving her several new novels. You can learn more about her current projects here.

She was a member of the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror (also known as OWW) from 2001-2010, moderating the OWW-sponsored Proposal Package Focus Groups. She recently resumed her membership to OWW because it is the foremost writing workshop – and highly recommends it to all science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors.

Jennifer was the Editor-in-Chief of Flash Me Magazine, an online magazine exclusively for stories under a thousand words, from inception in 2003 until it closed in 2010. In conjunction with Flash Me Magazine, she also ran several Flash Fiction Boot Camps. She offered editorial services, as well. She also served as the Flash Fiction Editor of Abyss & Apex, a Hugo-Nominated Semi-Pro Magazine of Speculative Fiction, from 2011 until 2020.

Born in Duluth, MN but raised on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA, Jennifer has traveled throughout the United States. She has visited Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, and France, and plans to keep traveling while she can. Jennifer currently resides with her family outside Tampa, Florida.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011. At the moment, she is in self-isolation with her family due to her weakened immune system. Her heart goes out to everyone during this uncertain time.

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