Tear Down The Throne

Tear Down the Throne

The Gargoyle Queen: Book 2

by Jennifer Estep


In the second book of The Gargoyle Queen series, Tear Down the Throne, Jennifer Estep has created a truly magnificent sequel. The first book, Capture the Crown, left readers wanting more, and the author delivered. Packed with danger, treachery, and lust, Tear Down the Throne has everything. And it’s not for young readers. In fact, it’s the kind of hot romance that borders on erotic. 

Gemma Ripley is the crown princess of Andvari, and her magic is strong but unpredictable. When she saved the life of Prince Leonidas Morricone, she had no idea it would bind their lives together with common goals and a dangerous attraction. In Capture the Crown, Gemma is kidnapped and tortured, but escapes with the help of her gargoyle. She returns home broken in body and in spirit, and missing Leo’s presence. His magic is the same as Gemma’s, and they share a long history of saving each other’s lives. If he wasn’t a Morricone, Gemma might not fight her feelings for the prince.

Leo’s mother orchestrated a royal massacre sixteen years ago, killing Gemma’s uncle in a devastating spectacle young Gemma had been forced to witness. His brother, the Crown Prince, was the one to torture Gemma and leave her hands and back scarred. Leo himself has betrayed Gemma too many times for her to ever trust him. Despite all that, their fates seem intertwined, and their chemistry is undeniable. Worse yet, Leo’s mother seems determined to tie the two star-crossed royals together in some plot Gemma cannot uncover. For that reason alone, Gemma fights her desire and swears she will never marry a Morricone. 

Tear Down the Throne is action-packed, filled with twists and turns, and absolutely swoon-worthy. I enjoyed it even more than the first book of the series, and purchased the audiobook the day the book debuted and listened to it right away.

Narrated by the talented Lauren Fortgang, I recommend both versions of the book. 


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Tear Down the Throne design credit, title page, and chapter opener art: Angela Boutin

Tear Down the Throne map design credit: Virginia Norey

Advance Reading Copy provided by Harper Voyager via Netgalley.


I also purchased the audiobook version for my collection via Audible.

Audiobook narrated by Lauren Fortgang


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