The Frozen Crown

The Frozen Crown by Greta Kelly


The Frozen Crown by Greta Kelly is the first book of the Warrior Witch Duology. It’s based in an expansive world with depth and history.

The main character, Askia, may be the heir to the Frozen Crown, but she’s a warrior and an untrained death witch, not an experienced royal skilled in politics and scheming. As she seeks an alliance with the southern emperor and his court, her inexperience and impatience isolates her from those in power. Death and duty push Askia to demand the world go to war, but when the bill comes due, will she truly be willing to pay the cost?

Ms. Kelly does a stellar job of conveying the main character’s driving forces, while also showing us complex emotions and the constant struggles between wants and needs. I particularly loved how she handled the various male relationships throughout the book. 

Askia has spent most of her life surrounded by men, but it isn’t until she needs to befriend a prince that she understands that relationships can be messy. She has no time for matters of the heart while war looms, yet attraction, affection, companionship, and desire still tug at Askia if she lets her guard down.

So does her forbidden magic – the ability to see and converse with the dead. If she’s not careful, someone will discover she’s a witch and the same people who executed her parents will kill Askia, too.

This book has everything – sword-fighting, magic, intrigue, secrets – everything except an ending! Just when the tension ramps up and things started going completely sideways, it ended. It’s truly a cliff-hanger that left me utterly impatient for the next book. 

I haven’t been able to confirm when the second book is due to be published, but I’ll be keeping my eyes out for it.


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Advance Reading Copy provided by Avon and Harper Voyager via Netgalley at my request. You can find Avon and Harper Voyager on Twitter at @AvonBooks and @HarperVoyagerUS and on Instagram at @Avonbooks and @HarperVoyagerUS.

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