Back Up & Running

It’s been a year, which is terribly embarrassing. I wonder why it’s taken me so long? I can’t think of any single excuse. Just: life. Ah, well.

I have my very first laptop, and the first two things on my list were to buy the newest version of Scrivner & do its tutorial – something I never did the first time I purchased it – and get my website up and running. After having my own website hosting, magazine, etc, where I did everything myself via html for approximately seven years, it was surprisingly difficult to use something as simple as the click and go format of WordPress. I had no intention of using them, actually. I started right back with Bluehost but they partnered with WordPress and I got so frustrated that I couldn’t just upload all my old website data I’d saved, and I gave up. So when I came back last year, I skipped Bluehost and went with WordPress. Fewer steps.

We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve hated not having a website to link to for the last… has it really been nine years? I won’t blame it all on the Multiple Sclerosis. I also had a third kid. Moved states. Changed careers. And my migraines grew worse so that my medications became a necessity. Side effects are troublesome. The MS mostly makes me tired, which doesn’t help, but it does make time fly by without me. Fatigue is my worst enemy. That and depression. I carry on as best I can, but sometimes – some YEARS – the only writing I accomplish is during November. My family helps me push through for 15-20 days to write a solid 50K words.

It’s a huge accomplishment, but I wish I could manage more throughout the year. That is a goal. Or should I say, my goal is to wrap up a NaNoWriMo novel, edit it, workshop it, polish it, and find an agent for it. I don’t mind only writing for 20 days a year if the rest of the year is spent turning that writing into something publishable.

So, obviously a late start, but I have Scrivner, and I’ll be importing my completed NaNoWriMo project Forged by Death scene by scene, making notes, checking the timeline, and working on consistency. I can then fix any issues I found, do a solid edit, and workshop the first few chapters on OWW. That’s enough to get me through this coronavirus pandemic, I think.

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