Jade Legacy

Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee

The Green Bone Saga: Book 3


The Green Bone Saga is a trilogy of books by World Fantasy Award-winning author Fonda Lee. It is a hefty fantasy series based in a fictional world so grounded in history, politics, and culture that readers can imagine walking the streets of Kekon’s capital city, Janloon. The setting is vivid and realistic, the characters are perfectly flawed, and the storylines are rich and engaging.  The entire series spans over eighteen-hundred pages, making it one massive, legendary adventure. Fans have been waiting for the conclusion to this series for more than two years, and it was worth the wait.

Lee gives her Green Bone warriors superb martial arts skills bolstered by magical jade, a combination that not only saved Kekon from foreign invasion, but also created a class of soldiers that are respected around the world. Their strict educations and close ties to family make Green Bones an elite force that other countries try to emulate. Only Green Bones can wear jade safely, but that doesn’t stop others from trying. Black market jade creates a seedy underworld of smuggling and crime. Combine that with foreign countries eager to arm their militaries with similar jade abilities, and Lee gives us so many overarching storylines threaded among the smaller conflicts of family life among the Kaul family dynasty. For while the series is based around Kekon and it’s jade, it’s really the epic story of one man, Kaul Hiloshundon.

Jade Legacy, the third book, weighs in at over seven-hundred pages covering twenty-one years. The Kaul family and No Peak clan of Green Bone warriors are fighting a slow war with the Mountain clan for control of Kekon and the bioenergetic jade that gives Green Bones their magical abilities. While the first two books, Jade City and Jade War, mainly covered a war in the streets of Janloon, with Green Bones from the two major clans trying to decimate one another in combat, Jade Legacy is a long-term battle of politics and expansion, with No Peak and the Mountain clans fighting for public opinion. They have a joint enemy now, though – a movement across Kekon to rid the country of Green Bones and their control over jade. Their motto is “The Future in Clanless.” 

Jade Legacy is a monumental achievement in terms of scope. Spanning more than twenty years, it encompasses the changing world of the Green Bones of Kekon while still keeping readers engaged with events both big and small, grounding readers in the lives of the Kaul family as it grows, ages, and adapts. It is a very thin tight-rope, but Lee manages to make it seem effortless. 

I listened to the first two books on audiobook via Audible, and look forward to listening to this final installment, as well. Andrew Kishino is a fantastic narrator, bringing Lee’s characters to life. 


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Jade Legacy cover design credit: Lisa Marie Pompillo.

Jade Legacy maps: Tim Paul.

Advance Reading Copy provided by Orbit Books via Netgalley at my request.

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Click here for information about and/or to register for a conversation with author Fonda Lee (and M. A. Carrick) about Jade Legacy, creating the perfect ensemble of characters, and the process of writing trilogies. Plus, she’ll be answering your questions throughout the event. Event is on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 @ 7pm EST.


Audiobook narrated by Andrew Kishino

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