Child of Light

Child of Light by Terry Brooks


There’s always excitement when New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks announces a new book. Child of Light is it is the first book of an all-new series, and the fanfare is well deserved.

Auris Afton Grieg only has vague memories of her parents and of life before the prison camps. Her years in captivity are all she clearly remembers. Auris is determined to escape before she is deemed old enough to relocate to the reproductive camps and be forced to make babies.

Escape is only one challenge she must overcome, and nothing outside the prison camps is what she imagined. Worse yet, she may not even be who or what she remembered. Thrown into a magical world she didn’t know existed, Auris must come to terms with her past if she wants to have any chance at a future.

Filled with wondrous descriptions we’ve come to expect from the legendary author, Child of Light is a fantastic tumble down the rabbit’s hole into the Faerie nation.


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Child of Light book design credit: Edwin Vazquez.

Advance Reading Copy provided by Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine, Del Rey via Netgalley at my request.

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