Sherry (Sullivan) Alexander b: 1959, d: 2022 with daughter, Jennifer Lynn (Tack), late 1970’s

On July 24, 2022, my mother passed away. Her death was sudden and unexpected, and has left me lost and unfocused. I had one month to deal with her loss before Covid finally caught up with our family, and, living in Florida, we have since dealt with two hurricanes. In between all these events, I’ve struggled with managing my part-time job, my Multiple Sclerosis, and everything else life had to throw at me. It’s been a rough few months, where I’ve done little of significance.

I have been reading, however, and intend to write reviews for the new books I’ve enjoyed. Those reviews may be slow to come, but they will come.

For now, I’m taking the rest of the year off to spend time with family. It’s more important than ever to travel to see those we love, while they are with us. I’m spending the next year making memories while I am able. I will review books, write, and catch up on social media when I am able.

Until then, have a Happy Holidays and New Year!

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