Stars and Bones

Stars and Bones by Gareth L. Powell


Stars and Bones is the newest science fiction novel by multi-BSFA award-winning author Gareth L. Powell. In this brand new series, Powell introduces us to a future where humanity travels the stars far from Earth aboard a fleet of sentient ships. It’s a beautiful vision, and the details of life among the stars are impressive. Stars and Bones is a great introduction to a future reality filled with possibilities.

When her sister’s long-range scouting vessel fails to return to the fleet, Eryn lobbies for her own ship, the Furious Ocelot, to investigate. The trail leads them to a planet known only as Candidate-623 and an alien beacon. First contact with a new species turned deadly, and Eryn must find a way to communicate with a hostile alien intelligence before it wipes out humanity.

By pure happenstance, I managed to get my hands on the audiobook version of Stars and Bones prior to the book’s release and listened to it three times before writing this review, enjoying the story more each time. Narrated by Rebecca Norfolk, I highly recommend the audiobook version, as well.

I look forward to reading future Continuance novels.


Visit the author’s website and follow him on Twitter.

Advance Reading Copy provided by Titan Books via Netgalley at my request.

I also pre-ordered the audiobook version for my collection via Audible.

Audiobook narrated by Rebecca Norfolk.

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