Aria’s Travelling Book Shop

Aria’s Travelling Book Shop

by Rebecca Raisin


Aria’s Travelling Book Shop is a delightful story about a trio of nomadic entrepreneurs whose lives have intertwined in love and friendship. Aria is a young widow who is running from her old life, selling books from her van and reading just as many along the way. Aria’s best friend Rosie plans their routes with meticulous detail. Rosie’s boyfriend, Max, is the true veteran of the Van Life and has connections along the way. Together they travel from England to France in search of adventure and enough profits to continue their nomadic lifestyles. 

That would be more than enough for an enjoyable read, but this is also a story about overcoming loss, forgiveness, and moving on. Aria has been running from the family that let her down when she needed them most, choosing to memorialize her late husband with a promise never to love again. So when another man captures her attention, she sees it as a betrayal. Denial and avoidance are her only defenses, but fate keeps bringing them together.

This book is filled with emotions, and Aria’s inner turmoil is skillfully shown through her actions and inner thoughts. She’s a wonderful mess and I love her. The writing is beautiful, the characters are perfectly flawed, and the backdrops are lovely. I plan to go read Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop, and check out The Little Paris Collection books, as well.

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