The Zen Teacher

The Zen Teacher

by Dan Tricarico


One of the easiest – ABSOLUTELY FREE! – things you can do to support your author friends is to check out their books at the library and recommend their books to others. And if your local library does not have their book(s)? What nonsense! Request they order it.

I always do, and this is proof it works;)

One of my long time writing friends, Dan Tricarico, is also a teacher and he wrote this amazing book: THE ZEN TEACHER. He’s done workshops to help other teachers create “focus, simplicity, and tranquility in the classroom” and his book tells others how. He even has a podcast now called The Zen Professional Moment.

So when I realized my local library didn’t have this amazing resource for one of the largest school districts in the country, I requested that they add it.

And they did! As soon as I realized they’d ordered it and had it on shelves, I placed a hold and I picked it up today.

Look at how loved this copy is already! I’m not the first person to check it out, and I definitely won’t be the last;)

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