The Dispatcher

Audible cover art

The Dispatcher by John Scalzi


Narrated by Zachary Quinto


This is my first time reading anything by Mr. Scalzi, though I follow him on social media. He is one of my favorite personalities. So when I saw this novelette offered on Audible, narrated by one of my favorite actors, I snagged it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the story and the narration captured my attention from the very beginning and held it through to the very end. I’ve already acquired the sequel, also narrated by Mr. Quinto.

The Dispatcher is a licensed, bonded killer in a near-future scenario where death isn’t always final. Tony Valdez is one such professional, who is coerced by a detective to assist in the investigation of a fellow Dispatcher’s disappearance.

The writing is excellent, the dialogue engaging, and the investigation pulls the reader through the world’s mechanics with a delicate balance of information and intrigue. Mr. Scalzi wove a wonderful tale, and Mr. Quinto gave it life.

Highly recommend!

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