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I’ve been listening to a ton of audiobooks lately, and decided not to wait until the end of the year to tally them. Last year I read 65 books. So far this year I’ve read 30. That doesn’t include any of the non-fiction books.

I haven’t done much in the way of writing this year; I’ve been importing my current WIP into Scrivner while editing, and haven’t kept track of how many words I’m adding along the way.

That said, I felt compelled to start reworking an old failed project, turning it from a trite m/f romance in a medieval- type fantasy world into a Victorian steampunk f/f with a different POV. Punched out 1800 words and like where it’s going.

I haven’t done as many book reviews as I’d planned, and I’m struggling with how to handle reviews for an entire series. I’m also not sure if I should mention books I didn’t enjoy. Some award-winning books/authors aren’t my cup of tea, sometimes I read the first book of a series and decide to pass on reading the rest, and there have been a surprising amount of books I started but haven’t finished. I favor the “if you don’t have anything nice to say” approach, but I’m still considering how to handle these.

Overall, this year has been difficult in terms of my health, and this pandemic, but it’s been a productive few months. I still have more to do – so much more!

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